We organize industry programs to support organizations interested in exploring business and technology expansion in space-related opportunities.


We support entrepreneurs and startups through business development, investor pitches, and programs that grow the region’s commercial space sector.


Our ecosystem programs promote and enable growing commercial space sector collaborations within the region, including ecosystem mapping and matchmaking.


We sponsor space-industry focused events and programs to drive awareness of industry opportunities and we support regional educational opportunities for students.


We facilitate and promote space-sector research opportunities, including collaboration between academia and industry.

Our Core Strategies

Three pillars form the foundation for activities & programs.

Build awareness
and education

​Provide programs to build awareness and promote engagement for the space sector within the region.

Help to inspire and educate the next generation of space industry leaders in partnership with regional institutions.

Act as a gateway
and connector

Serve as the ‘go-to’ organization for those interested in accessing the region’s resources or access to space industry opportunities.

Facilitate new connections and collaboration for entering or expanding commercial space activities via our programs & initiatives.

Support economic development

​Promote and advocate for the region’s strengths with space industry stakeholders, technology, talent, manufacturing, diversity and our proximity. 

Help to recruit new companies and people to the region as a key space hub to drive job creation, new company recruitment and public/private funding.