Keystone Space Collaborative to Offer New Professional Development Platform in Partnership With Nova Space Inc. to Support Talent Pool for the Booming Space Economy

Oct 20, 2022

PITTSBURGH (October 20, 2022) — Today the Keystone Space Collaborative announced a partnership with Nova Space Inc. to provide its members with exclusive access to a new member portal housing courses and other resources to help current and future space industry professionals stay competitive and support the growing demand for a local skilled workforce. In addition, the portal will serve as a platform through which the Keystone Space Collaborative will disseminate essential information for its members to expand their knowledge, networking, and scope within the tri-state region.

“Our intention with the Keystone Space Collaborative has always been to create the connections necessary to make our region a space industry powerhouse. This new partnership and platform takes our ability to do that to a new level,” said Justine Kasznica, Keystone Space Collaborative Board Chair. “We’re thrilled to offer these new benefits to our members and continue building on these exciting opportunities our organization can offer our network and the region as a whole.”

In addition to the asynchronous, experiential e-learning course catalog that is aimed at helping individuals become competent and confident space professionals, the portal will enable Keystone Space Collaborative members to:

  • Access the Keystone Space Collaborative’s growing collection of articles, whitepapers and webinars
  • Participate in social learning events with the organization’s Industry Council and other members
  • Access the Keystone Space Collaborative’s one-of-a-kind interactive Ecosystem Map that identifies industry stakeholders and entities in the region
  • Browse and post regional opportunities and job listings on an interactive, professional “matchmaking” forum

“Today’s employers, across industries, are faced with a new challenge stemming from the pace of innovation and the short lifespan of many day-to-day skills,” said Christopher Allen, Nova Space COO. “From the software suites our employees use, to new market disruptors changing business models, to the speed in which professionals are changing careers, employers must establish a learning culture in the organization to support the rapid acquisition and mastery of new skills.”

The tri-state region has already made a substantial impact in the space economy, supporting well over 1,000 organizations actively developing new technology and supporting current DoD, NASA and private space missions. The tailored curriculum roadmap, created by government clients and the space experts at Nova Space Inc., consists of free and discounted courses on topics including:

  • Orbital Mechanics
  • Mission Design
  • Launch and Propulsion
  • The Space Environment
  • Communications

“This partnership is a significant step forward in identifying the human aspect to growth of the space industry. By providing a spectrum of training and professional development opportunities to members, the Keystone Space Collaborative is supporting workforce development across the region, and Nova Space is proud to lead this initiative,” said Joseph Horvath, Nova Space CEO.

The implementation of this new membership platform marks an exciting milestone for the Keystone Space Collaborative. The growing organization has recently hired its first full-time staff member, added new board members, enhanced its digital solutions, and is continuing to form strategic partnerships, like the one with Nova Space, to deliver increased value to members.


ABOUT THE KEYSTONE SPACE COLLABORATIVE: Founded in 2021, the Keystone Space Collaborative is the tri-state’s premier space organization committed to attracting, growing and amplifying the next generation of space industry businesses and talent in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. By convening people passionate about space, the Keystone Space Collaborative aims to attract more opportunities for job creation, inclusive prosperity and growth in this fast-growing sector. To learn more, visit

ABOUT NOVA SPACE INC: Nova Space is already well known for its signature space professional-development programs, designed to support the growth of space industry professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders, commercial companies, and governmental organizations. The founders of the company have more than five decades of combined experience in space operations, astronautics, and custom learning development in both commercial and government settings.